Estimate Requests

Date Name Address City Home # Cell # Work # Best Time To Call Damage Additional Info
2022-02-15 18:11:46 Amanda Eigenbrood 6090 Hwy 2 Shannonville 7809832837 7809832837 Anytime Exterior – lifted shingles. Interior: leak in mudroom (ceiling) , bathroom on main floor (exterior wall) and basement right below said bathroom, around a window sill in same mudroom, bottom of stairs leading into basement. Quote for replacing existing asphalt roof.
2022-02-13 18:12:59 steven prisk 24 george st. brighton 6134751322 6134030857 anytime leaking
2022-02-13 18:10:07 steven prisk 24 george st. brighton 6134751322 6134030857 leaking
2022-02-07 16:17:16 steve smith 274 coleman belleville 613 475 1322 613 9697071 water leak
2022-01-21 17:31:21 steve smith 274 coleman belleville 6139691322 6134031322 anytime water leaking in house
2022-01-11 20:21:29 Jeff Martin 183 Hofer Rd Colborne N/Q 289-251-1366 Anytime Lifted shingles
Missing shingles
Shingles deteriorated
2022-01-03 18:31:56 Moktar El-Ayari 35 Shewman Road Brighton 6134755049 6134755049 6134755049 Time for a new roof I believe the roof needs to be replaced.
2021-12-26 12:26:22 Brad Chapman 5 Durham St N , Box 784 Colborne 9053552587 9053738959 Did/do have a leak at one rafter we have a MicroFit Solar panel system mounted on roof ,
2021-12-24 13:58:39 john smith 345 coleman belleville 6139690707 6134035478 leaking
2021-12-24 13:56:17 john smith 324 coleman belleville 6139690707 4164035870 leaking leaking
2021-12-16 14:27:52 Sue Erickson 7 Timber Ridge Drive Brighton 613-475-5982 4166163609 anytime wind storm blew off several shingles
Was told he would come out to see damage and quote a price. Was not able to repair until today (Thursday). Told him Thursday okay and we have the shingles here. Never got our price and no one has shown up yet or called. Just wondering what is happening.

Can’t leave a voice mail. It’s full.

2021-12-15 14:22:38 Betty-Anne Smith 50 Dundas St Brighton 613-475-2607 613-242-6811 Anytime Loss of shingles on the west side of the tallest part of the roof.
No sign of the shingles
Please fix.
2021-12-14 02:50:52 Nathaniel Blom 14218 county road 2 Brighton N/A 6134384554 6134384554 Anytime Few tabs missing. My parents are looking to get a quote on just getting the upper of the house redone sometime in the near future. It’s 12/12 on the main and has 1 14/12 dormer on the front all together it’s about 26 bundles excluding starters and cap, so we planned on picking up 30. The two valleys are about 16’ long. The drip edge looks great if you want to reuse it aswell let me know what you guys think!
2021-12-13 19:54:58 Terry Arnott 5 Seneca Dr Brighton 6134759291 6134759291 anytime several shingles off the roof from wind storm on Saturday night, December 11, 2021
2021-12-12 18:03:19 Warren Gregson 134 Cedar st Brighton N/a 4165439302 Anytime Hi,
This message is for Steve.
My name is Warren Gregson.
My elderly mother Joan Gregson lives at 134 Cedar St in Brighton.
Your company installed the shingles for the previous owner at this address a number of years ago.
Because of winds yesterday, a few shingles blew off at the rear of the roof.
I live near Toronto and was going to come down and attempt to repair them, but before I do, was wondering if there was still any warranty remaining with either the shingles or the installation.
Thank you!
2021-12-11 23:21:26 john  heney 274 coleman belleville 6139697070 6138477620 leaking leaking
2021-12-08 18:23:13 Lindsay Milliard 4 Walas St Brighton N/A 6138883114 any A couple of shingles fell down after wind storm.
2021-12-06 18:33:32 Chris French 272 Albert St Belleville 6132433047 6132433047 Any time I am looking for a quote to replace cedar shingles on the vertical rear face of the house under the peak. Google maps will show you what the front looks like to give you an idea.
Is this something that you would be able to quote if I email pics of the back?
2021-12-06 18:18:43 Heather Cann 846 Smith Street Brighton N/A 4372472762 N/A Best between 9:45am and 3:30pm, but other times probably okay. 1) On main part of house, there’s some kind of flashing roof cap which has come loose. It looks like it was nailed on and it’s come off in the wind – a couple pieces are now attached by one end and are flying around.
2) Internal water leak between the mudroom and main part of house – something not quite right with the seal/flashing between the two parts of the building.
Our laneway can be difficult to find! Put 844 smith street into your GPS, and then look for the laneway ruts between 844 and 848. You’ll see a barn and open wooden gates – the house is all the way up the lane at the top of the hill.
2021-11-16 13:40:51 Dale Heffernan 114 bullis road Brighton N/a 905 376 2012 Same Aftet 4 pm if possible Peeling shingles on one section Looking for estimate to do the whole roof. Have done sections over the past 20 years. Interested in quote for shingles and metal if you do both
2021-11-14 19:18:05 Josh Darby MacLellan 90 Creswell Drive Trenton 519-503-0370 519-503-0370 Evenings – Need a full replacement of roof, soffit, gutters, etc.
– Removal of slate shingles, with aim to resell them.
– Water damage to underlying roof structure repaired.
– Insulation installed.
Hello there,

My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a property in Quinte West which will need the roof replaced within the next year and were hoping for a quote on the work.

It’s a 2000 square foot roof, slate shingles, and the address is 90 Creswell Drive, Trenton, ON K8V 3G8 (

If you have any questions, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


2021-11-12 19:51:13 Peter Jones Gilbert St Belleville N/A 613-885-5997 8 am to 11 pm South side, complete
2021-11-08 18:37:31 Ian Simpson 80 Simpson St, PO Box 343 Brighton n/a 6477464971 After 7pm Mon/Wed, most times Tuesday, Thurs-Sun Leak in roof over master bedroom Looking to getting a quote on repairing that section and a quote to replace the whole roof. Thanks!
2021-10-30 12:13:03 Alicia Doggett 5 Anna court Trenton N/A 813-3588 – Severe water damage in top level of the house; drywall saturated and leaking, mould Hi, there!

I’m looking for a quote on some roof repairs that I’m hoping to have done before winter hits. I have some water damage coming in due to all the rain and hoping to have a quote on the cost and work needed to repair that.

The roof is a flat rubber membrane style and I do have images of the roof from a recent inspection as well.